On November 18th 2015, the 13th birthday of Nguyen Le Dong Hai, a.k.a. Sir DoHa, the predecessor of The Cosmopolite Guru was born. Its name was Dong Hai’s Post, and the website was atwww.sirdoha.wordpress.com. The personal blog at that time acted as a place for me to share my very own opinions and perspectives on the topics that interested me most. In just the first month of operation, the blog receives more than one thousand views, particularly on politics and literature articles. One of the most significant achievements was that many of my posts got featured on my then founded Le Khiet News Network, the very first news channel of the gifted high school in my province.
2 years ago, along with the creation of my first portfolio page atwww.donghai.space, I re-trademarked the personal blog as a part of the new website atwww.blank.donghai.space, and the blog turned into a professional online magazine called DoHa’s BLANK SPACE, with the professional missions, brand identity and covered many demanding topics. Since then, the once-blog, then-magazine got more attention from the public. I got featured on major national news (VnExpress, Vietnamnet, Laodong, Dantri, The Epoch Times, Baomoi) and did many local television and radio interviews on my academic achievements and extracurricular activities in which the DoHa’s BLANK SPACE is among the most significant one.
This fall, after achieving many online milestones such as reaching 4 million views and 11 thousand subscribers on my Youtube channel Dong Hai STUDIO or being featured on 24 technology online newspapers for my Android project of XZ2 Sound System on XDA, I got even more inspirations to further improve my personal magazine. The realization that my online milestones contribute positively to building my personal trademark and improve my life skills reinforces that purpose. Being familiar with publishing articles and operating news network for my schools since secondary time, as well as having experience with achieving global online achievements, I began to put serious efforts in creating a global level online magazine called “The Cosmopolite Guru.”
Initially encountered many issues regarding the platforms and building a professional brand identity, I invested effectively my highly scare leisure time, especially upon studying abroad, on addressing those issues with tremendous success. A whole new Corporation Identity Program is established, with modern Logo, Mottos, Website, Newsletter, Emails, Design Guidelines and PR Strategies. More and more quality content and comprehensive analysis are added to the online magazine. The result obtained after 3 months is truly remarkable. The Cosmopolite Guru turned from the moderate 50 visitors/day to 3000 visitors/day on average, even jumping to 7000 requests/day on holiday season. I personally contented with these remarkable results and truly have faith in the prospect of the magazine’s continuous developments in the future. From a personal, micro-level blog, the successor of Dong Hai’s Post has turned into a global online magazine as The Cosmopolite Guru.
In this remarkable journey, I greatly appreciate the immense support and belief of my family, friends and patrons who have continuously supported my efforts. I would also want to express my deepest gratitude to my dearest and loyal visitors/views/readers/audiences as well as my subscribers on Dong Hai STUDIO channel and my followers/fans on Facebook and Instagram for making this possible. Without you, The Cosmopolite Guru could never come into reality.
Le Dong Hai “DoHa” Nguyen
Founder of The Cosmopolite Guru

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